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FAQs you want to know

Who do I work with?

As the owner and lead trainer at Sky Solider Dog Training, I work with every dog breed, no matter their current temperament, and do not discriminate based on past behaviors.

Methodology for training:
I use a balanced training approach which means I correct dogs for things we don't like and reward dogs for things doing what we do like. A very important thing to note here we will not be correcting a dog for something we haven't already taught them to do.

If you have questions about techniques used in training, I am happy to explain in more detail on a scheduled consult call and with very specific examples. It is important that any aversive techniques be done safely and at the appropriate time for the dog and you as the owner. Not all dogs require the same amount of pressure to learn new things!

About me:

Dog Training is my career, but it is also something that I love doing every single day. At home, I have 3 dogs that are pets with my wife and son, as well as one working dog (Liberty) that I often bring to sessions as a training aide, when appropriate and agreed upon with my clients!

I am very passionate about this work and get excited to work with diligent and responsible dog owners that are fully committed to doing the work in order to see the result they are seeking.

What drives me as a dog trainer?

My goal in working with you is to help you overcome challenges that may have previously felt too daunting to tackle on your own. Every session I work hard to set you up for success long after training sessions are complete. I want to be the last dog trainer you ever need to hire to work with your dog. Why? Because the training works.

Are we a good fit?

Ultimately it is up to each family to decide what they look for in a trainer.

Working with me means hiring someone that truly wants you to succeed in reaching your training goals and improve your dog's quality of life in your home.

If you choose to hire me, be ready to put in the repetitions in between sessions, otherwise paying for sessions is a waste of your hard-earned money. Having a well-trained dog does not require luck, it requires diligence and consistency.

Can you expect a quick fix?

No. Training isn't magic, and I am not a magician. Even so, the standard training package is completed in 6 weeks and most behavioral concerns are well underway to being corrected in that time. There are some instances where I may recommend 1-3 additional sessions on a case-by-case basis, but if you are consistently working with your dog every day in between sessions, you will see results.

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