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Meet the Team

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Brandon Eichholz - Owner

As the owner and lead trainer for Sky Soldier Dog Training, I am an accredited dog trainer and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator for AKC.

My grandparents were training and breeding hunting dogs since the 1950s which makes me a second-generation dog trainer. I have been working with dogs professionally since 2020 but have been an owner and lover of dogs since childhood.

I recognize that it takes more than just loving dogs to be a successful trainer so I also make it a point to continuously educate and familiarize myself with various tools and techniques in this field in order to offer the very best to my clients every single session. When you stop learning, you stop growing!

I have extensive experience working with rescue dogs with reactivity/fear, resource-guarding, hyper-activity, leash reactivity, poor leash etiquette, separation anxiety, and dogs with a bite history. Just because a dog has a history doesn't mean we can't change its future.

Although most of my clients choose to hire me for behavioral cases, I also have plenty of meaningful experience working with dog owners to establish standard basic obedience and boundaries when introducing a new pet to your family, regardless of their age, breed, or temperament.

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Liberty - Training Assistant

Liberty is a Belgian Malinois (born in June 2021) and a working dog for Sky Soldier Dog Training. She has been training with me since she turned 6 weeks and we have worked together every day since then.

She attends sessions (when appropriate) with clients to work on etiquette and also to help work through dog reactivity that is fear-based if applicable. As a working dog, she is not a pet and does not behave as a pet would. She takes her job very seriously and enjoys the work at the same time. She is a valuable asset to the Sky Soldier Dog Training team!

Liberty's involvement is based on the weather and the amount of space available where sessions are held. Liberty does not attend sessions inside a client's home, only in a public space or outside setting.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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