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Dog Training is for everyone!

It is a common misconception that dog training is only for puppies. Training your dog early (when possible) is ideal, but if you missed that window, it's not too late!

If you are looking to hire a dog trainer that offers private training sessions in the comfort of your home and you live within 40 miles of Saint Louis County - you are in the right place!

Dog training should be accessible to every family. Sky Solider Dog Training makes training simple, cost-effective, and...most importantly training that works regardless of the behaviors you are looking to correct.

Don't believe us? Check out our Google reviews for honest client feedback to make an informed choice that is best for you!

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Why hire Sky Soldier Dog Trainer as your preferred trainer?

  • You want support with establishing true basic obedience no matter what stimulation (other dogs, strangers, dropped food) is present

  • You have young kids in the home or grandkids that you want to make sure can be safe around your dog(s)

  • You have behavioral concerns such as counter surfing, excessive whining, destructive behavior, poor leash manners, etc., and are looking for some help to put a stop to the madness

  • You have adopted or purchased a dog that behaves differently than any other dog you've owned and you just need some help figuring out how to handle that in the best way

  • You have concerns about your dog's reactivity around other people or pets and need help curbing the behavior safely but without the use of avoidance

  • You value honesty and working with someone that is not looking to create a forever client that comes back again and again because the training program works the first time!

  • Lastly, you are tired of the group class dynamic and are looking for one-on-one customer training support that will work for you and your family

Do any of the above apply to your situation? Click the button below to schedule a FREE (no obligation) consult call!

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Why trust Sky Soldier Dog Training with your pet? Read what clients had to say about their experience!

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"We recently had Brandon Eichholz recommended to us (by a good friend) to help train our one-year-old German shorthaired pointer. This is our third GSP but our first male and Brandon correctly diagnosed him within 2 minutes as being a big “GOOFBALL.” Lloyd is definitely a Mama’s boy and rather spoiled (that is putting it mildly). GSPs are extremely energetic by nature and therefore require a great deal of exercise. And even after a daily run on the treadmill (average 4-7 miles) our Lloyd still has PLENTY of energy! Frankly, I feared we had a good 4-5 years of bad behavior before Lloyd started to settle down a little bit.

During my first conversation with Brandon, he thoroughly explained his philosophy, what to expect of LLoyd during the training period, AND, more importantly, what was to be expected of us. Each week (a total of 6 weeks) we had an hour lesson practicing a particular skill. Each lesson was immediately followed up with a very detailed email recapping the instructions and commands to be used with Lloyd. Those came in VERY helpful as Brandon makes everything look so easy and one can quickly forget even very simple instructions!

Each week Brandon would come to our home with a new skill for Lloyd to learn and practice. Each week I would begin the lesson with deep skepticism. I would, however, follow Brandon’s detailed (but very simple instructions) and each week, Lloyd (and Brandon) would prove me wrong. Six weeks later, I have a lovable GSP that behaves in ways I never thought possible.

In short, Brandon’s skills as a dog trainer are EXCELLENT and we HIGHLY recommend him as a trainer. I rarely feel the need to write reviews but we have had such a POSITIVE experience that it was deemed necessary. Lloyd is a “work in progress” as he is still very young. Brandon has put us on the right path and made our time with Lloyd much easier and, thus, much more enjoyable. Our Lloyd is still very much a lovable GOOFBALL but a MUCH better-behaved one!"

Tricia N


Emily Rae

"Hands down the best dog training around. I would highly recommend Sky Soldier to anyone who is looking to train their dog. I have been through a few different trainers with my dog and past dogs and I have gained more knowledge from Brandon in six sessions than I have in all of my other training combined.

My dog, Tater Tot, would go crazy when we would go on walks and did not do well with anyone walking into my apartment. Throughout the training, we were able to build his confidence and those things have progressively gotten better and better! He even got the best compliment when a lady said that he was the most well-behaved Pomeranian she has come into contact with! Thank you Brandon for such an amazing experience!"

Sterling M

"Our blue heeler Percy was a hot mess - anxiety, barking, nipping, pulling, lunging at other dogs…you name it, he had it. I called in Sky Soldier Dog Training and he set up our 6-week course, working the schedule through schedule changes, and even coming on holidays.

I came to Brandon with a litany of issues but he insisted that we start from the basics and develop boundaries, instill confidence in Percy, and train us better on proper reinforcement and consistency. The training was brilliant and totally opened my eyes to a whole different way of thinking about training.

Brandon did a superb job of explaining the *why* and demonstrating the *how* by incorporating both positive reinforcement and fair pressure which was far more effective than just saying “NO” and hoping for the best.

Percy is a whole new dog now. Even though we didn’t directly cover specific negative behaviors like barking in the car, nipping us during play, or lunging at other dogs, he now has more confidence, and we have a better understanding of how to enforce boundaries so he actively and consistently makes better decisions with confidence.

Thank you, Brandon!"

Eric W

"When you’re looking for a trainer, it’s a big responsibility and can be quite a daunting task. That person will become part of your puppy’s routine and structure, and by extension, will become a part of the family. The decision to choose Brandon at Sky Soldier Dog Training was an easy one. Simply put, he cares.

Your journey, much like any job or new endeavor, starts with an interview, in this case via Zoom. Brandon gets to know your goals, explains his training philosophy, expands on his training background, and “meets” your pup. In our case, our Jackson was the young age of 12 weeks. Brandon outlined via a detailed proposal, what his “plan” was and asked for feedback before a mutual agreed contract was signed.

During training sessions, Brandon was straightforward, patient, and attentive, and told you things you didn’t necessarily want to hear, but needed to hear. Jackson’s training plan needed some modifications, and Brandon handled those with ease. Dog training isn’t always just about training the dogs, but is also training for us as pet parents.

Outside of training time, Brandon was always available, which was extremely comforting.

All in all, personalized, individual, and private training is absolutely the way to go. Jackson’s lessons don’t stop now that training is “over,” but will continue throughout his life. Sky Soldier Dog Training was just his springboard."

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Want to read more testimonials? Check out our reviews on Google!

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